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posted on July 22, 2013 under Animation, Family, New Releases

Watch Turbo Online – streaming Turbo was on the top of my list and by God I’d go watch it again because this movie was funny, crazy, amazing, and had emotion in it. I am 19 and I enjoyed this movie as if I was a kid again, it was that good. If your having second thoughts about this movie, don’t, go watch it, you will no feel let down. This is easily one of the best 2013 summer flicks to date.




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The story is about a speed obsessed garden snail who day dream about becoming fastest snail and being motivated by car racing champion whom he worships by watching late night TV and cassettes of his idol.But one day he gets fired and he gets mood of so he wander around the places while at that time he accidentally falls into a car engine n gets bite by radioactive nitrous oxide and then he turns into speed snail in where he names his self as turbo.Later human founds him on a road path where he discovers his powers and helps turbo to take part in INDY 500. There is no doubt that he is not going to win the race.The 3d effects in the movie are awesome and cool enjoyed a lot.


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