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posted on July 25, 2013 under Action, Fantasy

Watch Pacific Rim Online Free 2013 Putlocker Full Movie Streaming,All this year, I had been anticipating the release of Snyder's Man of Steel, with Pacific Rim coming in at a distant 2nd for my "Most Anticipated of 2013" list. Not only was this movie better than Man of Steel, but I am now prepared to say it is one of my favourite movies of all time! Not being impressed by Del Toro's Hellboy, I was a bit anxious when he was directing a movie about giant robots fighting aliens, but my fears were aside with an impressive first trailer. Ever since its release, I have always considered Transformers: Dark of the Moon to contain the best action in any movie (say what you will about Michael Bay), but that has now been figuratively shat on by Del Toro proving that there is a healthy middle- ground between heart-pumping "mindless" action and the making of a great movie. by bradleyjm.


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